Angelini Romania – TANTUMGRIP Launch


Angelini Romania addressed the pitch having two main objectives. The first one was to build a strong communication platform to support a successful launch for the new cold and flu product, TANTUMGRIP. The second was to imprint Tantum Verde core values and brand expertise to this new, adjacent territory, while diversifying the current business.



The challenge in building the new communication platform was to come up with a credible, authentic and innovative approach to the classic cold and flu story, whilst keeping a prominent distance from the main competitors’ communication style.



We decided to forget the heroes and the super-powerful solutions for cold and flu. Because there are days when you are sleepy, in a hurry or just enjoying a Sunday breakfast with your family and there are also days when you don’t feel well, you have a fever and need tons of tissues. For those days, welcome TANTUMGRIP, a good friend that helps you rewind to the beauty of the ordinary, good days. The result was packed in an integrated communication concept addressing areas such as TV, online, pharmacy visibility.