UPC Romania – Repositioning Campaign


UPC was undergoing a highly accelerated campaign of global repositioning, applicable to every European country they served. Romania was one of the countries where their new “Love Every Moment” platform was to be adapted and implemented.

A strong three-party competition on the Romanian telecom market (Digi and Telekom) made this job particularly challenging. Adapting it to the local context needed special attention to this tight competition, to UPC’s extensive countrywide network and, most importantly, to the rather picky Romanian telecom consumers.



Since all this context turned this job into something much more than your everyday adaptation campaign, we internally created a highly focused strategic-creative “commando” team, which successfully completed the task in just less than 2 weeks. This included not only the adapted framework of the campaign, but also other touch points, such as rebranding the existing UPC points of work, internal communication, different activations or harmonising the campaign with the already existing seasonal promos.



Over 100k new subscriptions with Horizon media box included and almost 300k subscription with connect box