Established in 2012, Amethyst is a centre of excellence in cancer care which offers medical opinion, diagnosis and treatment to more than 5000 patients from across Romania and neighbouring countries.

It uses an innovative technology that reduces the body radiation to 5 minutes / session. It also uses the ’tumour board’ concept that helped saving a lot of people over the past years.

Amethyst’s specialists have years of experience and a lot of empathy for patients. This clinic embodies the German quality, the professionalism and, most important, the optimism.

With 6 clinics in Romania, Poland, France and Germany, Amethyst is seeking to expand in the whole Europe, Romania included.

In 2012, at its launch, the clinic needed a brand identity. It needed to differentiate itself from the competitors, but still look professional and consumer oriented.

The name of the clinic – Amethyst is all about protection and purification. It is believed that Amethyst is a stone with healing powers, which acts as a barrier against low energies, psychic attack and unhealthy environments. The Greeks believed amethyst gems could prevent intoxication, while medieval European soldiers wore amethyst amulets as protection in battles.

The logomark is formed by the combination of two geometric shapes: the hexagon which is a symbol of harmony and balance and the circle which represents notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection. The result is a graphical element that creates a radial optical illusion which attracts the eye in the middle of it. It is a metaphor of all the medical processes, diagnoses and treatments that lead to the patients’ healing. We chose to design it in purple because this is the colour of the amethyst, but it also symbolizes faith.

For the name Amethyst, we used the Le Monde Sans, a clean and fresh font which is easy to read and denotes professionalism.

The descriptor – radiotherapy, completes the logo and is written in turquoise because it expresses calm, emotional balance and wisdom, some of the important attributes of a successful medical centre.