Henkel – Colour Catcher Activation


Henkel launched on the Romanian market a revolutionary product that eliminates the problem of colours migrating from one fabric to another, while washing. A product in the additives segment that captures the colours in the water, like a magnet.

The challenge was to educate consumers about a new segment, while convincing them to try it.



The solution was to explain the benefits of such a product proposition in a fun way and create curiosity.

So, we went the extra mile to convince our public to buy, yet another product, they lived without until then, by means of an intriguing outdoor and activations around it.



A special constructed outdoor in a central area, showing an oversized product box. A powerful light cannon lights one side of the box. On the other side, the white light is transformed into a rainbow, showing that with Colour Catcher the colours remain intact.

This outdoor was implemented at the entrance in Tineretului Park and at the kids corner, in Herastrau Park.

In Herastrau Park, also we activated families with huge mandalas drawn on alee and coloured labyrinths. Both kids and parents had fun and won Colour Catcher and Persil products. The number of participants was 775 – approx. 2 participants/ minute.