Bergenbier – “I am 12” Caravan


For the summer our task was to create refreshing experiences for the consumers.They were big, national, but very relevant locally through an amazing BTL project.

Make all the “meetings” between consumers and brand memorable, qualitative, consistently in line with brand image.



Refreshing Romania with “I am 12” Caravan: we had the Caravan going through the country, big events taking place in 26 cities between 9th of June and 15th of July. The truck and the activities around became the main attraction in the cities. National became relevant locally: we regionalized the main message of the brand by adapting it to the places we went.



Over 100.000 participants.

The caravan has had a positive impact on Bergenbier’s image, especially on traditional territories: friendship and association with football. Moreover, the event has provided an uplift on quality perceptions that comes from two sources: improved perception about taste (mostly from the refreshing idea) and a more modern image.