Garanti Bank – Communication Platform for All Retail Products


Banking products are often complex and presented in a technical language, so they become less accessible to the general public. Garanti Bank needed a refreshed communication to respond to this challenge.



We have developed a new communication platform for Garanti Bank’s Retail products that brought the consumer closer to everything banking means by simplifying these concepts.

Garanti Bank’s language was built on the parallel between the main products of the bank and the traits of some animal characters, each of them with their ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes it memorable.The services and the overall banking language was “re-written” in a more consumer friendly way with the help of animated characters. Each character became the “spokesperson” for a Garanti line of business and had its own personality created to be in a strong relation with the Garanti Bank products features.



The new platform had first seen the light of day during the Bonus Card campaign – La vie en rose. Bonus Card clients were provoked to start living “la vie en rose” together with the lovable character – Girrafelle Bonusoise, a French giraffe that adores shopping. By shopping with Bonus Card clients could fulfill their wishes, get money back while shopping with it and also win the grand prize of 15.000 Euros.

After this first moment, more and more characters hit the spotlight through different Garanti Bank campaigns. Stefan, the magician rabbit, joined forces with Matilda, the squirrel who loves to save money in a cross-sell campaign – salary payment and deposits.

Harry, the dancing zebra, danced its way in a campaign with great interest rates for personal loans – the innovative media at University metro station and website landing page pop-up and banners.

Click, the elephant showed everybody that banking is easy, fun and it can be done anywhere with the occasion of launching the new mobile banking app – Mobile ME.