Anima branding

In 2010, A&D Pharma Group launched its new division of private medical services, which brought to the Romanian market the concept of “near you” medical care. This concept is meant to ensure the accessibility and increase competitiveness of medical services in Romania. Centered on the patient and his family, this vision is brought to life by a team of experts concerned with forming a proper education regarding the health of each individual.

In order to express this distinctive approach, we worked closely with our client and translated the vision into a friendly and caring brand in only three weeks, a record time.

Centered on the slogan “Good Doctors Close to You”, ANIMA is a brand that inspires trusts and puts an emphasis on both empathy and professionalism.

The graphic symbol – “The heart of Anima” is the result of the harmonious combination between the letter “a” (found both at the beginning, as well as the end of the name “Anima”) and the symbol of the heart. From the rational point of view, the heart is associated with vitality and health, while from the emotional point of view, it signifies kindness and closeness.

The logo smoothly completes the graphic symbol through friendly curves and it is based on a font with serifs, which denotes respect and professionalism.

The slogan “Good doctors close to you” is the confirmation of the connection between Anima logo which conveys precision and technique, and the graphic symbol represented by the “heart of Anima” which expresses kindness and openness.

anima logo color variations