Black Button Books – Read something better

Problem: Statistics show that Romanians read 0.5 – 1 book / capita.

Out of 19.7 million people (‘15) the total population, only 1.5 million are readers.

Furthermore, over 40% of the school students are functional illiterates, while reading is the most ignored activity of private consumption by parents (they don’t ask their kids to “do the reading” part).

Most of Romanians say they don’t have time for reading and are discouraged by the lengths of books, but on the other hand 70% spent hours scrolling on social media platforms on a daily basis.


Solution: Encourage people to read more books by making them aware of how much time they spend every day reading worthless junk on social media.


Results: The campaign has brought the best interaction rates so far on the social platforms of Black Button Book.  At the Ad Black Sea Festival 2018, it has received the “Best in Contest” award in the Print category and also bronze in the Craft and Film categories.


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