McDonald’s Sustained Success

The McDonald’s franchise has been present in Romania since 1995.

The fast food giant has strong operational capabilities which allows it to provide high quality products and customer services across its restaurants regardless of the location, as well as a very well-established global brand that appeals to all age groups and customer segments. Locally, it is estimated to serve approximately 70 million customers every year.

In Romania, McDonald’s has been seeking to reinforce traditional brand values such as fun, family, community and social responsibility and, at the same time, keep up with the demands of a hyper-mobile and more knowledgeable consumer. In the attempt to adapt to the challenging needs of their clients, they continuously enhanced in-store experience and constantly update the product portfolio, whether by adding more extra options included in daily meal offers, providing healthier foods or adopting a more locally relevant approach.

In a challenging economic environment and an extremely dynamic, highly competitive market, McDonald’s has maintained leadership in the informal-eating-out category.

For the past several years, McDonald’s Romania proved to be a sustainable success with 2 digits growth in terms of turnover each year and a constant improvement of KPI’s, culminating with 2018 as the best year in its history, when it reached a turnover of 150 million euro after an increase of almost 16% compared to 2016. The profit also had increased by 30%, reaching 17.2 million euro in 2018.

Aside from the many tactical campaigns, we’ve also created an image campaign that boosted the brand’s image and stood out among competitors’ while capturing customers’ attention.

Here are a few examples of our work that helped yield those great results while ensuring the delivery of the best McDonald’s experience to its customers: Image Campaign 2015, Ro Weeks , McDrive, Maestro, Grand Big Mac, McCombo.