Persil is the best liquid detergent on Romanian Market and this year launched a 360 degrees formula – the complete solution for family clothes.

As a no. 1 detergent brand on liquid detergents market, Persil had to communicate in a quality manner the advantages of the new formula and also to reaffirm it’s supremacy.



Persil associated with some top events in 2017, one of them being TIFF – the most prestigious Romanian Film Festival.

Persil decided to Support performance and quality entertainment during TIFF 2017.



At Bontida during the event Weekend at the the Castle we implemented a fun and relaxing corner for entire family.

The messages were:

  • Fun for kids and relaxing for parents
  • Fun for Kids #timeforyourself
  • Persil 360 – the complete solution for your family


At CineConcert there were photobooth activations for both kids and adults.

The messages were:

  • 5 stars cleaning. Directed by Persil
  • Supporter for performance and quality show


At Piata Unirii – Persil offered a film music moment with Cristina Kiseleff interpreting Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible and Game of Thrones musical themes at an electric violin.

The message was: A moment directed by Persil – supporter for performance.